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PNC Student Banking

PNC Bank makes it easy to manage money by offering banking tools designed especially for students. In fact, you can even use your id+ card as an ATM card when you link it to your PNC account! There's no charge to link, and it's easy to do online. To learn more about id+ card linking, visit and read the following details listed below:

  1. A supported mobile device is needed.

  2. Linking your id+ card to your PNC Bank accounts enables you to use your id+ card in ATMs only.

  3. Your PNC Bank account is separate from your Campus Meal Plan and LionCash+ accounts. 

PNC Student Virtual Wallet®

Virtual Student Wallet® provides checking and savings options that you can conveniently manage online. PNC also offers a variety of education resources that are always available at your fingertips. To get started with student banking, review the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Student Banking Guide for digital tools that will help you make good decisions with your money.

PNC WorkPlace

PNC helps make your financial life simpler with WorkPlace Banking, which provides features like:

  • Savings and rewards on banking services

  • Technology tools to help you bank where and when you want

  • Convenient direct deposit of your paycheck into a PNC checking account

You can even choose the checking account best suited for your lifestyle and banking needs, such as Virtual Wallet® with Performance Spend or a Performance Checking Account. Visit the PNC WorkPlace Banking website to find solutions that best support you and your financial wellness.